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How to Appeal to Buyers Five Senses When Selling

How to Appeal to Buyers Five Senses When Selling

Selling your Richmond Hill home? Getting your home ready to sell can be as stressful as moving. While people often focus on the look of the home they forget that potential buyers have four other senses. Appealing to all five senses is one of the oldest real estate tricks in the book. Here is how you can stage your home accordingly.



How a home looks is defiantly the most important sense to appeal to when attracting buyers. Buyers tend to see even the smallest things as large projects, whether it’s a small chip on a cabinet or an unflattering paint color.


Make your home visually appealing by cleaning, limiting clutter, and depersonalizing. If you have lots of furniture or the home is small, Richmond Hill real estate agents recommend you remove a few pieces to make a room feel airy.



Smell is an underrated sense when it comes to buying a home. The right scent can convey a number of emotions, and an emotional response is a great way to get a high bid from buyers. The wrong smell though can send them running the other way.


The key is not over scent your home with artificial smells. Buyers may take that as a sign of you trying to cover up a bad smell. Instead, light a few strategic candles or give a few sprits of air freshener. If you have animals, open up a few windows beforehand to let the home air out. Natural smells like baked goods, fresh flowers, and a roaring fire are also great!



Taste is a hard one to appeal to when selling. The easiest way to appeal to a buyer’s taste buds is to offer refreshments during a showing. These should be seasonally appropriate, such as lemonade in the Summer months or gingerbread cookies in the Winter. Make sure they actually taste good though!



We get so used to sounds of our home we stop noticing them. However, for buyers walking through for the first time you can be sure that they’ll hear everything. Take a moment of silence to listen to your home. Is the neighborhood loud? Can you hear the traffic or your neighbors?


There might be nothing you can do to block out environmental noises, but if there are louder times maybe don’t schedule viewings for them. Be sure to fix any small sounds too like a dripping faucet or a squeaky door.



This one can be tricky, as buyers don’t go around touching everything in a home. However, certain textures can be visually felt. Mix textures to make your home feel warm and welcoming. Add a fluffy rug in the bathroom, some comfy pillows on the sofa, and a chunky blanket on the end of the bed. Even if the buyers don’t touch these items they’ll still feel them!


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