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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell in the Spring

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell in the Spring

The Greater Toronto Area may still be covered in snow and ice, but Spring will thankfully be here soon. Winter is historically slow for home sales, so it’s not uncommon to wait to list until springtime. According to our Richmond Hill real estate agents, here are some of the best tips for getting your home ready to hit the spring real estate market!


Get Started on Repairs

Winter is rough on homes, so be prepared to do a few small repairs or fixes on the exterior. Those have to wait until the snow melts, but you can get started on interior repairs now. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, fix any leaky faucets, and grease and squeaky doors. Begin repairing anything you can so that when spring comes you don’t feel rushed.


Begin Purging Clutter

Clutter is apart of life, but that doesn’t mean buyers want to see it. Some of the best ways to make your home appealing to buyers are to declutter and depersonalize. Winter is a great time to begin sorting everything. Go through the closets, dig through the attic, and clear out the garage. Trust our real estate agents when they say you don’t want to do this at the last minute.


Start Spring Cleaning Early

Don’t leave spring-cleaning until spring, start it now. While it’s a good idea to pick up and do a quick clean before showing your home, a deep thorough clean before you even list is recommended. Start with cleaning tasks that take some time like cleaning the grout in tile.


Get Paperwork in Order

One of the most common things our real estate agents hear from clients is how surprised they are about all the paperwork. Buying and selling a home requires tons of it! Take the slow winter months to get everything in order. Figure out your finances, visit the bank, collect any bills, and don’t be afraid to ask your real estate agent what else you should start on.


Find a Real Estate Agent

It’s never too early to talk to a real estate agent about listing your home. If you don’t have an agent already start to look for one! A real estate agent can make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to get your home and paperwork in order to sell. Feel free to contact one of our amazing real estate agents today, they’d be happy to help you sell your home!


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