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5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Winter is notoriously slow for real estate, but that doesn’t mean you should necessarily put off selling your Richmond Hill home. While the cold may not encourage people to leave their homes, an appealing property for sale will. Our Richmond Hill real estate agents have a few expert tips for selling a home in the wintertime!


1. Keep it Warm

There is nothing better than walking into a warm home after freezing outside. Potential buyers may only have to be outside for a short walk from the car to your house, but in Toronto’s freezing weather any time outside is miserable. Greeting the buyers with a warm house will make them feel welcome and comfortable. Don’t make it too hot, but definitely make sure the heat is going before they come over for a viewing.


2. Keep Floors Clean

One of the worst things about winter is the water spots and salt stains that appear on floors. It can be frustrating to clean them daily, but make sure you do before buyers come to view the home at least. It’s also a good idea to leave a mat by the door for their wet boots too so they don’t track it all through the house while looking.


3. Shovel and Salt Walkways

If it’s recently snowed, make sure your shovel and salt the walkways to the front entrance of your Richmond Hill home. There’s nothing worse than making potential buyers trek through snow or slip on an icy pathway. As long as there is a clear path from the street/driveway to the door you should be good!


4. Hide Winter Clothes

To keep warm in Toronto’s icy winter weather most people bundle up. Jackets, boots, scarves, gloves and more are necessary to fight the chill. While most buyers would understand to see this out in the open, it’s still best to pick up and put it away before they come. Not only does it look better but it signals to buyers that the home has enough storage. Also be sure you have a spot for them to hang up their coats!


5. Add More Light

Not only are the days shorter in the winter, but also there is also less sunlight during the day. This can mean the days are dark and dreary, but you don’t want your home to feel that way! Make sure to compensate for the lack of natural light by turning on all of the lights in the home. Open up the curtains even if it’s overcast out too.


Feel free to contact our amazing Richmond Hill real estate agents if you need help buying or selling your home!


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