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5 Tips for Prepping Outdoors Before an Open House

5 Tips for Prepping Outdoors Before an Open House

Spring is here, which means it’s officially real estate season. Buyers are emerging, and sellers are putting their homes on the market. But the warmer weather also means that buyers will be less forgiving about an unkempt outdoor space. Here are a few tips all sellers should follow before their first open house.


Mow the Lawn

Homes in Toronto don’t always have a ton of outdoor space, which means you have no excuse not to keep what lawn space you have well kept. A lush green lawn is a huge draw to buyers, but only if it’s well maintained. An overgrown lawn signals to buyers that the rest of the home isn’t well maintained either. Make sure the lawn is mowed regularly while your home is listed.


Spring Clean the Exterior

Most sellers know to clean the interior of the home, but some forget to bring the spring cleaning outside. Clear away any cobwebs, pressure wash the exterior and walkways and clear away any debris. Buyers will notice if the gutters are clogged or if the siding is dirty. Real estate agents recommend you spend just as much time cleaning the exterior of your home as the interior!


Fix and Repair any Issues

If the porch light burnt out? Does the front door squeak? Is the mailbox paint peeling? All these issues may seem small, but buyers will zero in on them. Don’t give them any reason to nitpick. Inspect your home with a critical eye and take the time to fix any problems.


Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal plays a big role in how quickly and how much a home sells for. Real estate agents will probably recommend you make a few small changes to your exterior in hopes of getting top dollar. Cleaning and repairing any issues will help curb appeal, but there are some cosmetic upgrades you can make too. Plant some spring flowers, paint the front door, and add a decorative mat. These small changes can really make an impact on buyers.



Decluttering isn’t only limited to indoors. Your outdoor space should undergo some purging too. Put away any kid or dog toys. Make sure any lawn and gardening equipment is properly stored. If you have décor or plants make sure they don’t overwhelm the space.


Contact one of our amazing Richmond Hill real estate agents for more tips on how to sell your home!


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