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10 Reasons to Hire a Richmond Hill Real Estate Agent

10 Reasons to Hire a Richmond Hill Real Estate Agent

When it’s time to buy or sell a home, people often wonder whether they should go into it alone or enlist the services of a professional real estate broker. While it might not seem like real estate agents do much, they provide more services than people know. Here are 10 reasons why you should always hire a Richmond Hill real estate agent when you’re buying or selling a home!


1. Education and Experience

When you hire a real estate professional you’re also gaining access to all of the knowledge they have about the industry. Unless you’ve worked in real estate yourself, chances are there is a lot you don’t know about the field. While online resources are great, nothing beats the real-life experience that real estate agents can provide you.


2. Neighborhood Knowledge

The Greater Toronto Area is made up of a lot of different regions and neighborhoods. When you hire a local Richmond Hill real estate agent, you get their in-depth knowledge about the area. They’ll have valuable insight about comparable sales, crime rates, the best schools and so much more.


3. Shields and Buffers

GTA real estate is a red-hot market and navigating it takes skill. A real estate agent acts like a buffer and a shield for clients. If you’re selling they fight on your behalf, fending off spam or bad offers. If you’re buying, they’ll be your guard guiding you on the best deals and properties.


4. Market Information

Real estate agents have access to a lot of information that the average person doesn’t. They can disclose market conditions, which can really help govern your selling or buying decisions. They can let you in on data such as price per square foot of similar homes, average sale prices, and how long it’s been on the market.


5. Professional Networks

Richmond Hill real estate agents network with a lot of other professionals that provide services that you’ll need. While they might not outright give you recommendations due to liability reasons, they can help steer you away from those with bad reputations. They can also give you references of people they’ve worked with in the past.


6. Pricing Guidance

Knowing how much to list or buy a home for is one of the most intense decisions you may ever make in your life. Real estate agent’s don’t make that decision, but they can help guide you in selecting the best price for the property.


7. Confidentiality and Negotiation

Two benefits of a real estate agent that people don’t often think about are the negotiating skills and confidentiality that you gain when working with them. Agents know how to negotiate to get the best price on your behalf. They also represent you so that the other party never even has to know who they’re dealing with.


8. Piles of Paperwork

One thing that first time home buyers and sellers often note is the volume of paperwork that is involved. Today purchase agreements can be over ten pages. One little mistake can land you in court, cause you to miss out on the deal, or set you back weeks. When you hire a real estate agent they take care of all of that paperwork for you so that it’s properly done!


9. Questions and Answers

Chances are you’ll have more than a few questions during the buying/selling process, and that includes after closing. A real estate agent is there to answer them for you. That’s a valuable service that’s often overlooked.


10. Future Relationships

A huge factor in the success of a real estate brokerage is referrals. Agents are usually in this industry for the long haul, meaning if you ever need them again in the future they’re there! Working with the same agent means they already know you and what you need/want.


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