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Toronto Public Transit Best in Canada

Toronto Public Transit Best in Canada

A lot of factors impact a home’s value, but one that many people don’t realize is proximity to public transit. Real estate agents are able to list home’s for higher prices and get them sold for that if they’re near transit. Homes near bus stops, streetcars, or trains sell quicker and for higher prices.


Toronto residents often take for granted having such an extensive public transit system. Although the TTC certainly has its faults, it’s better than any other Canadian city when it comes to public transit.


Redfin, a tech-powered real estate brokerage, released its annual nationwide Transit Score ranking. It is similar to a Walk Score, which does factor into buyers decisions, ranking a location based on transit. Redfin’s Transit Score ranks properties, neighborhoods, and regions based on how easily they are to get around. When discussing their methodology for the rankings Redfin states, “The Transit Score algorithm calculates a score by summing the relative usefulness of public transit (bus, subway, light rail, ferry, etc.) routes near a given location. Usefulness is defined as the distance to the nearest stop on the route, the frequency of the route, and type of route (with twice as much weight given to heavy/light rail than to bus service).”


The TCC had a big advantage in that it runs more frequently than any other transit system in the country. Overall, Toronto landed a Transit Score of 78.


Toronto ranked higher than even some big US cities, such as Boston (72), Washington DC (71), and Philadelphia (67). Vancouver and Montreal took the next stops as best transit systems in Canada.


Here is the full list of how transit systems in Canada’s largest cities are ranked:


  1. Toronto: 78
  2. Vancouver: 74
  3. Montreal: 67
  4. Mississauga: 56
  5. Brampton: 53
  6. Winnipeg: 51
  7. Calgary: 50
  8. Ottawa: 50
  9. Edmonton: 49
  10. Markham: 49
  11. Quebec City: 47
  12. Surrey: 47
  13. Laval: 46
  14. Hamilton: 45
  15. London: 45


If you’re looking to sell your Richmond Hill home be sure to check how close it is to local transit stops. It’s a major selling feature that real estate agents will want to include on the listing to appeal to buyers. For more buying and selling tips, feel free to contact one of our amazing real estate agents!


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